Who We Are
A volunteer Board of Directors of community members is responsible for ensuring that your Community Foundation adheres to all policies and ethical standards of operations.

Membership on the board is limited to ten years and no member may return to the board for a period of time equal to the term(s) they last completed before leaving the board. This policy is in effect to assure the community that the Foundation does not become the “private” program of a few.


The 2015 Board of Directors of the OCCF are:




Bob Livingston

Member since 2009



Frances MacMorran

Member since 2013








Vice Chairperson:

Nancy Lorenz

Member since 2011




Steve Mader

 Member since 2006








Dana Cummings

Member since 2013




Connie Neihart 

 Member since 2006









John Hackworthy Member Since 2007




Marge Neumeyer

Member since 2006









Gary Armstrong

Member since 2007





  Doris Scully

  Member since 2007








Barbara Bonness

Member since 2013





Phyllis Tucker

Past Chairperson

Member since 2007









Josh Clark

Lillian Endowment Community Scholar

Member since 2009





  Dale Walker

  Member since 2013


In memory of OCCF's first Executive Director Emeritus
    Jim Fulford