About Your OCCF

Our Mission: The Owen County Community Foundation is committed to help make our communities become better places to grow, work, and live.
Owen County Community Foundation is a local charity that provides a Gathering place where donor wishes meet community needs. A donor may wish to support scholarships to Owen County students, local charitable organizations, the activities of your OCCF, or they may wish to start a new fund to honor a family member or to provide perpetual support to an area charity or cause.

Donations to various funds of your Community Foundation are not kept separate, but rather are pooled together to obtain better earnings. Those earnings are allocated back to each fund, based on each fund’s percentage of total investments, allowing each fund, and in turn, each donation to Grow.

Of the earnings each year, the Board of Directors determines the “spendable” amount, what will be Given back to the community through scholarships and grants. Payouts for grants and scholarships, a maximum of 5% of the fund balance, are based each year on earnings from the fund.


The operations of the OCCF are funded by an annual operating campaign, the annual Jim Fulford Open Golf Tournament and through a 1% administrative fee charged to each fund. An OCCF Operating Endowment Fund was begun several years back to help ensure that the operations of the foundation will continue
Our Vision

We will be widely recognized as the leading community resource to promote philanthropy and match donors with needs in Owen County. We will demonstrate leadership by understanding our communities and their changing needs, leading and advocating for positive change, and supporting visionary as well as proven approaches to community building and problem solving.
Please Contact us if you have any questions about operations of the Owen County Community Foundation.
Your Community Foundation is a public charity and we want the public to have access to financial records. If you wish to access financial records, please contact our office.
Our Values

  • We value our children and want to help them succeed and be safe.
  • we value the beauty of Owen County.
  • We value effective, responsive leadership.
  • We value community involvement and charitable spirit