Thanks to our donors, every year OCCF awards 50 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and to post-secondary education students. Most OCCF scholarships require Owen County residency, however, we have several scholarships with broader residency requirements. Residency criterion is met by the applicant's permanent address.

Scholarships may be used for four-year college and university undergraduate degree programs, as well as accredited vocational/technical schools with two-year degrees and certificates. OCCF also offers scholarships to college students studying for advanced degrees in law and in veterinary medicine.

OCCF scholarship awards may be used for tuition and other expenses directly related to classwork.  Consequently, scholarships are paid directly to colleges, universities and vocational/technical schools unless extenuating circumstances exist.
High School Scholarships and Post-secondary Scholarship Applications will be available to download in October 2017. 

Applications are now available,  please click on the Scholarship Tab and choose the type of scholarship you are applying for.   

Can I hand write the application? 
No, please download the pdf and type it up.
What if I have a problem with the form?    
Please note, that you must use Acrobat 6.0 or higher to fill out the PDF.  We make every effort to make sure the form fields work properly, but sometimes we fail,  Please contact Mark Rogers 812-829-1725. 
Do you accept electronic signatures? 
Yes, for the first time this year, electronic signature is accepted.
What if I don't have a computer?  The application can be downloaded on a flash drive and you can use the computers at the library.  If this is an issue please contact Maria O'Connor.   If you are a student at Owen Valley High School the PDF is available on the schools network.  
When is the application due?  January 10, 2018
Do I have to have an SAT/ACT score?  
If you have an SAT/ACT score you can apply for any scholarship but there are scholarships available that do not require an SAT\ACT score, please read the scholarship descriptions carefully. 
Can I have more room on the essay? 
No, everyone gets the same amount of space.  Make sure that you answer both parts of the essay completely.  Each part of the essay is scored independently.  Make the most of your space!
Who makes the decisions on scholarships? 
We have a committee of community members that independently review and score applications.  There is a scoring system.  Once reviewed and scored the committee member returns applications to OCCF where all the scores are tallied. 
The OCCF  then tallies scores and rank students for each scholarship that they have applied.
How much money does the OCCF reward? 
In 2016 the Owen Valley High School received over $26,000 in scholarships to 18 applicants.  Post-secondary students received over $13,000 in the same year. 
How much money does each scholarship award?  Scholarship awards are not calculated until the Spring.  The lowest scholarship awarded is $200 and the highest scholarship could be as high as $8,000.
When & How will I know if I win a scholarship?  Scholarship award letters will be mailed mid-April 2017.  If you have received a scholarship and you are in high school you will be invited to your high schools Awards Night in May. If you are a Post-secondary scholarship winner you will be invited to the OCCF Award Ceremony in May 2018. 
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